Laura Paddock

film resume    •   art resume

FILM Resume ~ Production Design and Art Direction

Features: "BUTTERFLY DREAMING" Super 16 feature, directed by Rufus Williams, Private Universe Films; produced by Susan England and Rene Haynes, 2008.

"X's and O's" 35mm feature, directed by Kedar Korde, Platonically Productions, 2007.

"SOUTH OF PICO" HD feature, directed by Ernst Gossner, produced by Snail's Pace Productions, 2005.

"DR. CHOPPER" 35mm feature, directed by Lewis Schoenbrun and Luca Bercovici, Loose Cannon Productions, 2005.

"CORPSES" 35mm feature, Urban Girl Productions, written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, 2004.

"MOONLIGHT SERENADE" HD feature in b&w, produced by Anthony Mastromauro, directed by Carlo Tallarico, 2004.

"AGE OF KALI" HD feature, Film Art Productions, directed by Rafal Zielinski, written by John Steppling, 2004.

"RIVER'S END" 16mm feature, produced by Joyce North, written by Glen Stephens and directed by Bill Katt, 2004.

"JEKYLL" HD, 24p feature, Creative Light Entertainment, written and directed by Scott Zakarin, production designed by Mark Teague, 2004.

"INSIDE OUT" HD, 24p feature, Inside Out Cinema, written and directed by David Ogden, 2003.

"MALIBU SPRING BREAK" 35mm feature, written and directed by Kevin Lewis, Crown Entertainment, 2003.

"BROTHEL" 35mm feature directed by Amy Waddell, Mt. Parnassus Productions, shot on location in Jerome, AZ. PD Linda Sheets, 2002.

"ALL OR NOTHING" digital feature, directed by Adisa, written w/ Daniel Chiu & JL Davis; City Underground Studios, 2000.

"DOGTOWN" directed by George Hickenlooper; 35mm feature, PD Sarah Alcorn, 1996.

Decorator, "QUIÑCEANERA" HD, written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash West, Kitchen Sink Entertainment, production designers, Denise Hudson and Jonah Markowitz, 2005.

Decorator "ABLAZE" 35mm feature directed by Jim Wynorski, production designer, Will Alovis, 2000.

Prop Painting Fabricator "MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL" Wim Wenders/Bono, feature, for Production Design Co: Ranch Dressing, 1999.

Art Department Coordinator, under Jerry Fleming, "ALL THE RAGE" with Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels, Gary Sinise and Andre Brougher; Screenland Productions, 35mm, feature, 1998.

Fabricator, "NOWHERE" directed by Gregg Araki; printed fabric for Patti Podesta, production designer, 1997.

Shorts: "BROKEN FISTS" 35mm, by Justin Wolske, UCLA; 2005.

"BROKEN" 35mm, written and directed by David Wendelman, produced by Bobby Leigh, 2005

"ONE SUNG HERO" HD, directed by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, produced by Lara Spotts and Evolution Film; 2005.

"SKYLAB" 35mm short, by Mark Landsman, 2003.

"WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON" 35mm, by Alonso Mayo, AFI Thesis; 2003.

"THE TABLE" 35mm short, by Chris Byrne, 2003.

"INTERMISSION" 35mm short, by Laura Cayouette, 2003.

"REMEMBER" dv short, by Alex Wong, 2003.

"ASK CURTIS" 35mm short, Filian/Lewbel Entertainment, 2003.

"THE FISH BURGLARS" 16mm B&W short, Alternative Reality Productions, by Gideon Brower, 2003.

"GREAT LENGTHS" 35mm short, by Dara Resnik & Chad Creasey, USC, 2003.

"SIT AND SPIN" 35mm, written and directed by Kevin Burke, USC Thesis, 2002.

"IN THE SHADOWS" 35mm short, by Alex Wong, USC, 2002.

"THEN AGAIN..." dv short, by Ken Heusey, 2002.

"BUS STORY" dv short by Donna Choo, produced by Simone Ling, 2002

"THE DIPLOMAT" 35mm short by JL Davis, City Underground Productions, 2001

"THE MAYOR'S WIFE" high def. short, by Camille Tucker, 2001

"AWAKE" 16mm short, by USC grad Lori Lovoy-Goren, 2001

"WARRIORS OF THE 14TH FAIRWAY" USC Grad short, directed by Jason Kachel, 2001.

"PRIVATE LIVES" AFI grad 35mm short, directed by Christos Hadjiantoniou, 2000.

"DANCE HALL" 35mm b&w period film for USC grad, Lori Weirig, 2000.

"SPIN CYCLE" digital video through UCLA ext., directed by Daniella, 2000.

"THREE EXITS" USC Grad 35mm short, written & directed by Selena Chang, 1999.

"THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS" written and directed by Sharal Churchill; Premiere Picture Arts, 35mm, 15 min., 1998.

"THE CIRCLE" written & directed by Carolena Saccone; Mercury Films, Inc., Producer, Anthony Mastromauro, 35mm, 12 min., '98.

"BRAIN SPOTTING" written & directed by Colm Wood; Music & Media International, 16mm, 10 min., 1998.

USC Grad 35mm short: "MORSEL OF GRACE," directed by Carol Shine; 12 min., 1996.

Designed and screenprinted material for set of "NOWHERE," feature directed by Gregg Araki; under art direction of Patti Podesta, 1995.

Music Videos: "WISDOM," by Tatia Calhoon; directed by Vanessa Coto, 2001.

"WE RUN THE GLOBE," by Prime; Tribunal Productions, 2000.

"ERIN MURPHY," music video directed by George Hickenlooper; TigerStar Records, 1998.

TV Pilots: "TALK OF THE TOWN," sketch comedy,1999.


Murals: Las Vegas Casino, with Mark Porter Studios, 1996.
Hotel California, "CHANCE," Stateline, NV, 1996.
"TRANS-TEXTURALISM" Mark Moore Gallery, SM/CA, 1994.
Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY 1992.
Awards: Student oscar, 2005, "WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON"
Chrysler Nominee, "SPIN CYCLE," 2003
Gold Special Jury Award for Dramatic Adaptation for "THE CIRCLE," Houston Film Festival, 2001.
Grand Jury Honoree for "ALL OR NOTHING," Hollywood Black Film Festival, 2000.

ART Resume

2006: "Ribbons, Bows, Lace, Fringe" The Hive gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Megan Sherwood.
2003: LA Post-Cool, Otis College of Design, July - Sept. 2003
2002: "LA Post Cool", Curated by Michael Duncan, San Jose Museum of Art,
San Jose, CA.
"Three Centuries..." show, Durham Center Museum, East Durham, NY.
Faculty Exhibition, Idyllwild Arts, Parks Exhibition Center, Idyllwild, CA
Art Resources Transfer, Inc., NYC.
Coleman Gallery, in collaboration with Laura Cooper,
West Hollywood, CA.
"Stick-Up," curated by Tina Fugoli and Gerry Zucca, Crocker Bank,
Los Angeles, CA.
"Transit: Survival Skills," The DepARTment, Scottsdale, AZ
2001: "Vasl," Karachi, Pakistan.
Storage Gallery, Santa Monica Airport, CA.
"Cross Pollination," Holland Tunnel Gallery, NYC;
LA Arboretum, Nov/Dec, 2001 and ART, Inc, NYC, 2001.
"Transit #3", @AERO & Co, Los Angeles, curated by Leo Bravo and Alyson Meyer.
2000: "Blob," curated by Andreea Theodore on line at:
Co-curated "One-Night-Stand," w/ Leonardo Bravo at Park Plaza Lodge, Hollywood.
1999: "S/he bugs me, s/he bugs me not," Post Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
"George's Phototron," George's, Los Feliz, CA.
"The Flower Show," an invitational organized by Zazu Faure, Patricia Faure Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
"Anotherfuckingonehundreddollarshow," Gallery 207, West Hollywood, CA.
"Comfort," curated by Phyllis Green, Post Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Co-curated "Twig," with Laura Parker at the Brewery, downtown LA and on-line, at:
1998: "One Night Stand," curated by Leonardo Bravo, Gallery 207, West Hollywood, CA.
"Conversation Exhibition," with Desiree Alvarez at Art Resources Transfer, NYC. Co-curated "Three Day Weekend," with Dave Muller, Los Angeles, CA.
"Where am I: Kiss, Kiss -- He Spots Me Looking..." Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA.
LACE Auction
Barnsdall Auction
1997: "GIDI," curated by John O'Brien at the Brewery and UC Riverside, CA.
"The Girls' Salon", curated by Ann D'Adeski, NYC.
"Beyond Baroque," at Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA.
"Printomatic -- Hi, Ho, Print Show," Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA.
1996: "Hotel California," Chance Conference, Whiskey Pete's Casino, State Line, NV.
"Lotus Motel Show," curated by Lynne Berman & Kathy Chenoweth, Inglewood, CA.
Co-curated "The Woven Page," with John O'Brien, So. Pasadena Library, CA.
1995: MFA Thesis Show, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
"Territorial Motifs," curated by Sabina Ott, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.
"Prints," juried by Ruth Weisberg, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA.
"Fabrications," Chapman University, Orange, CA.
"Multi-Mediation," curated with three other artists at ACCD, Pasadena, CA.
Curated: "The Outsider Show" and "The South Pasadena Regionalist Show" at the Art Center Auxilliary Gallery in So. Pasadena, CA.
1994: "Trans-Textualism," Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
"Intercollegiate Graduate Exhibition," CSLA.
Curated: "D'Essesiente's Inborn Taste for the Exotic," at ACCD, Pasadena, CA.
1993: Solo show, Grupo de Mujeres, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.
"La Muerte Y La Vida," la Taberna, San Cristobal, Mexico.
"Vessels," Hilltop Gallery, Windham, NY.
1992: Fashion Moda, mural, So. Bronx, NY.
Caffe dell'Artista, solo show, NYC.
"A Day Without Art," Lehman College, Bronx, NY.
"Small Works," Warren St. Gallery, Hudson, NY.
"First Paintings," Anderson Loft, NYC.
"Different Voices," St. Ignatius Loyola Church, NYC
1991: "Fall Showcase," Pelham Art Center, NY.
"Annual Islander's Exhibition," Focal Point Gallery, City Island, NY.
"Catskill Art Society Biennial," Lebanon, NY.
Bibliography: Barbara Morris, "'LA Post-Cool' at the San Jose Museum of Art," Art Week, Santa Clarita County, CA, B5, Feb. 2003.
Michelle Bloom, Waxing Eloquent: Wax Figures in Literature and Cinema from 1840 to 2000, University of Minnesota Press, 2003.
Dave Gardetta, "Here Come the Germinators," Garden Design, Feb/Mar 2000, pg. 41.
Cathy Curtis, "Weaving New Life into Everyday," LA Times, 4/4/95.
Michael Duncan, Fabrications: Formal, Found and Funky, Guggenheim Gallery catalogue, Chapman University, Orange, CA, 1995.
MA Greenstein, World Art, Winter 1996.
David Pagel, "Transtextualism, Works to Read, See, Feel," LA Times, 8/25/94.
Sue Spaid, Art Pages, March/April, 1998.
Education: Art Center College of Design, MFA, 1995.
Yale College, BA in Anthropology, 1986.
Sarah Lawrence College in Paris, Fall, 1984.
Awards: Vasl, International Artists Residency Program, Gadani, Baluchistan, Pakistan, 2001.
Empire Studio in Manhattan Program, Scholarship, 1988-90.
National Endowment for the Arts, Internship, 1986.
New York Studio School, Summer Scholarship, 1985.
National Scholar in the Arts Award, 1982.